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How To Stay Youthful And Vibrant
No Matter What Your Age.

Why lengthening "health span" is the right goal and how to achieve it without dangerous and costly medical interventions.

How To Stay Youthful And Vibrant
No Matter What Your Age.

Why lengthening "health span" is the right goal and how to achieve it
without dangerous and costly medical interventions.

Want to avoid these symptoms commonly associated with "aging?"

  • No energy
  • Problems remembering
  • Unable to concentrate
  • Old looking skin
  • Joints that hurt all the time
  • Shortness of breath
  • Always feeling stressed out
  • Premature gray
  • Often thinking "I'm too old for this!"

Why Is This Happening?

There’s a biological reason.

The human body is a very complex organism composed of around 30 trillion cells. That number is 30,000,000,000,0001, and it doesn’t even include your bacterial cells!

All of these cells replace themselves every seven to ten years. This is a continuous process of cell division into new cells and replacement of cells that have died.

The building blocks of all our body systems are stem cells. Much research has been done and is continuing on stem cells.

Stem cells are the key to why we age and why these aging problems occur.

This brings us to the REAL reason: You’re not regenerating your stem cells as fast as when you were younger.

What is a Stem Cell?

Stem Cells are an integral part of your body at birth and are the original building blocks that produce or divide into all the other diverse and specialized cells in your body.

Through a process called differentiation, stem cells produce bone cells, blood cells, heart muscle cells, brain cells, and all other specialties within the human body.

Non-embryonic stem cells (also known as adult stem cells) exist in infants, children, and adults.

An adult stem cell can divide into a replica of itself or split into a specialized, differentiated stem cell. It is continually replacing and renewing the body with all of its intricate systems and organs.

Stem Cells AGE Too

Over time, a stem cell can decrease in functionality, which is called senescence (literally "the process of deterioration with age"). As a stem cell loses functionality, the division, replication, or specialization slows down.

Since the body replaces all, or almost all, of its cells every seven to ten years, stem cell senescence due to aging reduces our body’s ability maintain youthful vigor and abilities.2

At infancy, stem cells are one per 10,000 of all cells.

At 16 years, it is one per 100,000.

When retirement age arrives, it is one per 500,000.4

There are natural approaches to increasing the number of stem cells as we age, including exercise, adequate sleep, and good nutrition.

But these practices can still fall short of producing a good quality of life and longevity in later years.

The All‐important Telomere

A significant factor in cell aging is the telomere. It's like an "end cap" at the end of each DNA strand that protects our chromosomes. They are a part of every cell in our body.

Every time the cell divides, the telomere shortens.

Eventually, the telomere is so short it is no longer able to protect our DNA and is no longer able to divide. It acts like a time clock on our cells and our entire body.

When the telomeres get too short and are no longer able to function, our cells age and die.

Factors that accelerate shortening the telomere include:






The Social Cost of Aging

We've all seen the effects of aging – and you'd probably agree that our physical quality of life deteriorates as we get older.

But what might hurt us even more are the social implications of aging:

  • Can't participate in group outings
  • Not invited on trips with friends or family
  • Poor eyesight makes "book club" prep a chore
  • Getting "excluded" from conversations due to hearing loss

ANY of the above can lead to isolation, loneliness, and depression.

Multiple studies confirm that if we can improve our social quality of life, longevity is more probable.

Is There a Fix?

So, if stem cells are not being replaced fast enough as we age, is there a solution? One that doesn't involve unproven drugs or leaving the country for risky medical procedures?

The short answer: Yes.

Today, scientists around the globe have moved stem cell research to the top of the list when it comes to creating solutions for the problems of aging.

Aubrey Degray, the anti-aging scientist, wrote about in his book, "The End of Aging." He called it the "escape velocity."

"You do everything you can to survive until the next life extension breakthrough comes. As you work to implement each breakthrough, you keep extending your life span until the day comes when biological aging can be reversed and controlled."

The good news is that it's now possible to rejuvenate our stem cells, making for a substantial positive improvement in our aging process.

A way to extend our "Health Span" (defined as being free from serious disease) naturally, without drugs or invasive surgical procedures.

Today, a safe, clinically-proven stem cell supplement is now available without a prescription.

Introducing Stem Cell 100+

Stem Cell 100+ is a patent-pending, clinically tested botanical formula for activating your own stem cells at the molecular level.

Developed by an award winning anti-aging researcher and molecular biologist, Dr. Bryant Villeponteau, at his research center in San Diego, California.

Stem Cell 100+ uses a "multi-pathway approach" to rejuvenating stem cells and supporting longer telomeres.

The result?

Stem Cell 100+ helps you look and feel younger by reactivating your body's own machinery for rebuilding itself at the cellular level...without needing a time machine!

Each carefully selected and scientifically dosed ingredient is powerful on its own.

But when combined in Stem Cell 100+'s patent-pending formula, they produce a synergistic, multi-pathway supplement that's potent and effective for lengthening your "health span."

With The Stem Cell 100+ Rejuvenation Plan, You’ll Enjoy:

  • Healthy immune system
  • Healthy cardiovascular function
  • Greater Endurance
  • Younger looking skin
  • Improved memory and focus
  • Maintaining healthy blood glucose levels (for those already in the normal range)
  • Maintaining healthy blood pressure levels (for those already in the normal range)

Stem Cell 100+ is a clinically-proven multi-pathway anti-aging supplement.

Meet Dr. Villeponteau’s Hand‐Selected Ingredients:

Astragalus Membranaceus

promotes cardiovascular and immune health with positive effects on stem cell function

Rhodiola Rosea root extract

helps reduce stress and improve stamina with an influence on life expectancy

Vaccinium uliginosum berry extract
(with a high level of resveratrol analogs)

helps maintain healthy inflammation and cholesterol levels (when already in the normal range) necessary for overall good health

"Important Part of my Longevity Regime.

It Works. Have been using it since last 6 months and have noticed increased muscle mass, lowered cholesterol levels, Reduced anxiety and stress levels. Stem cell '+' is the advanced version that also contains folic acid, b12 and Vitamin D in high quantities which are essential for adult stem cell."
— Martin


for improved wound healing and stress reduction

Pine Bark Extract

improves endothelial function, which promotes vascular system health


a unique neuroprotective amino acid. Helps reduce mental stress, improve cognition, and protect neurons

"Increased memory and mood

I've been taking Stem Cell 100+ for over 8 months and it has been very beneficial. The most noticeable result for me has been improvement in memory and in ability to focus. With this has been a slight elevation in my mood overall. Over the past 5 months I have also seen an improvement with my daily stamina and energy levels. I haven't noticed any side‐effects, which is great, and it is easy on the tummy. I sometimes get reflux from taking vitamins but haven't had any problems with this product. Based on all of this, I plan on continuing to take Stem Cell 100+ and would recommend it to a friend."
— MJ


activates telomerase for enhanced telomere length maintenance and improved "health span."


A natural form of the water‐soluble B9 vitamin that combats some people's inability to process sufficient dietary folate. These people are subject to a higher risk of ill health

Methyl B12

combats B12 deficiency common in older people due to poor absorption. Promotes cognitive function, motor nerve function, and cellular immunity

Vitamin D3

regulates calcium for the support of healthy bones and teeth, also promotes overall health

Every ingredient in Stem Cell 100+ was carefully screened, tested, and dosed by award winning anti‐aging researcher, Dr. Bryant Villeponteau.

Dr. Villeponteau conducted an open‐label clinical study of Stem Cell 100+ with human participants and published the results in a peer‐reviewed journal in November 2017.5

The results?

Stem Cell 100+ produced significant improvement in four key indicators associated with life expectancy and improvement of overall "health span:"

lowered systolic and
diastolic blood pressure

increased HDL
(good) cholesterol

lung function

stress level

How to Get Started!

The Stem Cell 100+ "90‐Day Rejuventation Plan"

Start The 90‐Day
Easy to Follow Plan
Notice Improvements Every Day
In Your Cognition, Energy,
Mobility and Skin
Enjoy Your
New Life!

Our Story

Dr. Bryant Villeponteau and Carl Fowler founded Life Code in 2010.

Dr. Bryant Villeponteau is an American scientist, longevity expert, and co-recipient of the Distinguished Inventor Award for cloning human telemerase RNA. He's also co-founder of Centagen, Inc., which focuses on developing new technologies for extending human health and longevity by promoting stem cells.

Carl Fowler is an Engineer, Inventor, and life‐long Health Researcher. Through is own independent research, Carl recovered from a debilitating illness in the 1980's and is now one of the foremost experts in natural health, holistic nutrition, and stem cell rejuvenation.

Bryant and Carl's mission at Life Code is to dramatically improve human "Health Span" (being free from serious disease) by conducting research, delivering online education, and making unique, thoroughly tested dietary supplements available that help activate and rejuvenate adult stem cells without the need for drugs or surgery.

With over 10,000 happy customers worldwide and hundreds of verified reviews, Life Code delivers on Carl and Dr. Villeponteau's primary goal of improving our quality of life and longevity by lengthening our "health span," naturally!



6 Bottles of Stem Cell 100+
$64 per bottle


3 Bottles of Stem Cell 100+
$69 per bottle


1 Bottle of Stem Cell 100+
$74.95 per bottle

With Rejuvenated Stem Cells, You Can Say "Yes" to:

More Energy
Healthier Skin And A More Youthful Appearance
Improved Memory & Cognition
Better Social Life
Longer "Health Span"

Here Is What a Few Verified Buyers Have to Say About Stem Cell 100+

"I have been using the Stem Cell 100 with good results but I wanted to see if there was ...

I just received this product a week ago. I have been using the Stem Cell 100 with good results but I wanted to see if there was a different result with the Plus formula. I have MS and loss my balance. I fell and broke my femur 7 months ago. Since then I had developed chronic pain and inflammation throughout my body. I am only 64 years old, 135 lbs and in excellent health (other than the MS). After two days taking this Plus formula the pain was reduced. Now after a week I am nearly pain free! I had many inflamed tender areas in my hip, leg, back. They are all gone - I am only stiff now from lack of exercise. My husband has had the same experience. He is 68 years old and lifts weights. He had a old shoulder injury that prevented him from doing his routine as he wanted. He started taking Stem Cell 100 several years ago and his shoulder pain was relieved. He stopped taking a couple of months ago and his pain returned. He started the PLUS formula and the pain went away again. And his energy and stamina have increased. So now he has no doubt that the relief is coming from these products. Thank you LifeCode!"

— Debbie

"Great Product!!!! STEM CELL 100+

I have use this great product almost 2yrs works fine and gave me more energy than ever! Plus great sleeps every night. Thank-You for make this great product."

— Kenneth T.

I noticed my hair grow back

"I am postpartum mom . My hair was falling out in chunks . I have new hair where it was noticeably missing and my energy is better. I don't feel as stressed as before I started this bottle."

— Raul

Stem cell 100+ has changed my life!

March 3, 2019 - "I love stem cell 100+ for it has given me a new lease on life! I am 68 and no one can believe it! I am energetic, my memory has improved, I can workout for longer periods without feeling tired, my skin is brighter and I no longer have those aches and pains that come with aging Thank you so much Life Code and I will be taking these for the rest of my life!"

— Wendy N.

Our “Triple‐Test” Quality Promise

  • All ingredients are lab tested before they arrive at Life Code. These tests determine that all active ingredients are present and at the correct potencies.
  • Life Code Lab technicians perform a second test after ingredients arrive to double‐check the active ingredients and potencies.
  • After product manufacturing is complete, an independent lab tests the finshed product to verify potency and purity.

With Life Code’s Triple‐Test Promise, quality and results are assured!

What Will You Do?

You have an opportunity now to change the rest of your life story. The old saying is true: “Today is the first day of the rest of your life.”

You can decide which path you will take:

If You Decide to do Nothing ‐ ‐ ‐
Then you must Prepare for These Possibilities

  • Planning your schedule around doctor appointments
  • The onset of diseases commonly associated with aging
  • Crippling effects of arthritis
  • Relying on a cane, walker, or wheelchair
  • Refitting your home with a walk‐in bathtub
  • Depending on outside caregivers
  • Moving into a nursing home
  • Loneliness and despair

Instead, Decide to Start the Stem Cell 100+ Rejuvenation Plan and Prepare for

  • Extended Health Span
  • Improved Quality of Life
  • Continued independence in your own home
  • Active mobility
  • Maintaining all your social contacts
  • Leisurely, happy travel times
  • Doing the fun activities you have always loved
  • Learning some new crafts, hobbies, and activities
  • Enjoying life!

Now is the time to get started.

You may be already experiencing the unhappy effects of aging. This is caused by your stem cells not rejuvenating as fast as they did when you were younger. But there is a readily available answer. The combined ingredients in Stem Cell 100+ delivers a multiple anti‐aging pathway to a better quality lifestyle and improved healthspan.

Make the smart choice and request your 90‐ day supply of Stem Cell 100+ today!

What To Do Now

Since you have been interested enough to read this far, you probably are ready to enjoy the benefits of rejuvenating your stem cells.

Complete your preparation for longevity with quality of life and health span by doing this:

  • Order your supply of Stem Cell 100+. I recommend a 90 day supply because you really need to commit to a 90‐day plan to see maximum results. By the way, you can save money by ordering a three‐pack or six‐pack.
  • Receive your order and read all instructions that come with it.
  • Start immediately: For most adults, two capsules per day. If you weigh over 200 pounds, three capsules a day. If 110 pounds or less, just one capsule a day.
  • Enjoy the benefits of healthy aging that you will experience as a result of rejuvenating your stem cells.

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